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G-2.Otaru Bay Story (Multilingual Guidance System)


Jumlah Minimal Peserta 1
Tempat Pemberangkatan Sapporo(JAPAN)
Operator Wisata Hokkaido Chuo Bus Corp.(07:30-19:00)


Tour Information

※①Otaru Bine is closed Jan. 1 and Jan 2, so free time at Otaru Canal Terminal area will be from 10:25 - 11:40.
※②Western, Chinese, and dessert lunch buffet. (70 min.) Lunch buffet is free for children preschool and under.
※③Tasting will follow the guided tour of the factory.
※④The bus will stop in front of the Kitaichi Glass No. 3 Building and let off passengers, and return again 5 minutes before departure time at the same place.
※⑤Show your Regular Sightseeing Bus ticket stub and receive one set of "Hamanasuno Koi Cookies." (excluded Jan. 1)
※⑥In the event the Mt. Tengu Ropeway is closed due to adverse weather, we will hand out a souvenir to each passenger.
* The Glass Studio in Otaru is scheduled to be closed between Dec. 29 - Jan. 2. The Glass studio is closed every Tuesday (the gift shop is open). Show your Regular Sightseeing Bus ticket and receive a 10% discount on all merchandise at the Glass Studio In Otaru.

Rencana Harga
  • Fare
  • SPK0513P03C01
  • Adult : IDR 714,000
  • Child(age6-11) : IDR 458,200
  • Child without seat(age0-5) : IDR 0
    Pilih Tanggal
    Durasi 9Jam15Menit Partisipasi Anak Setuju Informasi Tanggal Wisata
    Makanan Termasuk Periode Sepanjang Hari Penjemputan Tidak Termasuk
    Bahasa Pemandu


    Dep. 9:15 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
    10:25~10:40 Former Hokkaido Bank Main Branch (Wine Shop Otaru Bine tour)【15min】※①
    10:45~11:40 Otaru Canal Via Sakaimachi Ave 【55 min】
    12:00~13:20 Grand Park Otaru (buffet)【80min】 ※②
    Wing Bay Otaru(free time)
    13:30~14:00 Tanaka Shuzo Brewery Kikko Gura(visit / tasting)【30 min】※③
    14:05~15:35 Kitaichi Glass ※④ and Otaru Music Box Museum・Kitakaro ※⑤( free time)【90min】
    16:00~16:55 Mt. Tengu Ropeway (round-trip) ※⑥, Glass Studio in Otaru( ropeway / free time )【55min】
    17:50 Miyanosawa Subway Station (disembarkation possible)
    18:05 Kita 1 jo, Nishi 12 cho-me (disembarkation possible)
    18:15 Sapporo Grand Hotel (disembarkation possible)
    18:25 Sapporo Clock Tower (disembarkation possible)
    18:30 Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
    18:40 Sapporo Park Hotel

    Kebijakan Pembatalan

    7hari sebelum hari keberangkatan 30 % Dari Total Biaya
    1hari sebelum hari keberangkatan 40 % Dari Total Biaya
    Setelah 100 % Dari Total Biaya


    ====Information and Special Notes for Users of Regular Sightseeing Bus Services====
    ●This bus is customized for the multilingual audio system.(Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)
    ●Please be reminded that seat availability is limited to 40 passengers and no extra bus service is available
    ※We may offer regular sightseeing bus ( no bilingual audio system ) in case of a breakdown or maintenance.
    ※Duration of sightseeing will be changed due to the traffic and the number of passengers.
    ※Arrival time will be earlier than scheduled time due to holiday break or restriction condition of the facility.
    ※Please allow enough time for transfer to the other modes of transport, because buses may be delayed due to traffic jams or adverse weather conditions.
    ※Tours may be cancelled due to the snow disaster. Please contact us to reconfirm the operation in the event of unusual weather.